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 Buy Astrophytum Cactus for Sale, Best  high quality indoor cactus plants, desert cactuses, exotic cactus seeds with low PRICES. BUY EXOTIC AND RARE CACTUS PLANTS FOR SALE.

If you buy cacti for more than $25 shipping is free

I do domestic and  International shipping and handling for LOW PRICES


INFORMATION about our business 

40 years experience in growing cacti from seeds. MyCactusPlants San Diego, CA provides Rare and Exotic cactus plants, indoor cactus plants, desert cactus plants. Cacti for landscaping. If you interested where to buy a cactus, buy cactus here. Our cacti have a high quality. We inspect every cactus before realization. 

Now we have unusual cactus forms: cristata, monstrous forms. 
The other type of unique cactus forms are bright colored mutants grafted on stable stocks. Some people think that they are flowers. Grafted on stable stocks the bright colored mutants while growing become more beautiful and beautiful and you will enjoy many years. The nurseries grafted bright colored mutants on temporary stocks. You will have them for one to two years. 

We have different types of cactus plants, high quality indoor, desert cactus plants . We inspect every cactus before shipping. I GUARANTEE 100% refund 

 Astrophytum ornatum 6cm regular price $12. You can get it for $5.95 New price $4.80

 Cacti for Sale, Best Prices. Rare and exotic cactus plants for sale. Buy rare Cactus plants for low prices We have different types of cactus plants, high quality indoor, desert cactus plants . We inspect every cactus before shipping. I GUARANTEE 100% refund in 14 days if you get invalid cactus. Just email me the picture

 Below are cactus pictures of 3 years old seedlings 5-6 cm diameter 

Astrophytum myriostigma 

regular price $10. You can get it

 for $4.50 New price $3.60 This 

offer is for Holidays only. Out of stock


Did you know that mealybugs are more harmful insecticide for cacti.  Click on  the link below      https://www.epicgardening.com/mealybugs/ to get more information

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