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 Hildewintera aureispina

Scientific name: Cleistocactus winteri D.R.Hunt 1988 

Common name: Golden Rat Tail

Origin: Argentina to Uruguay


  • Hildewintera aureispina (F.Ritter) F.Ritter 1966
  • Winteria aureispina F.Ritter 1962
Etymology: Named after Hildegarda Winter (1893-1975) the sister of Friedrich Ritter prominent expert and discoverer of lot of cacti.
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While most of its relatives tend to be more upright, this particular species has stems that have a pendant or trailing habit. The individual stems can reach 100 or so cm in length. It has very attractive golden spines and flowers are a vivid orange or salmon-pink colour and can last for several days. 

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 Hildewintera aureispina rare cactus plants for sale have very attractive golden spines and flowers. Cactus plants for Sale, Best Prices. Rare and exotic cactus plants for sale. 

 Hildewintera aureispina

Description: It is a branching cactus of fairly rapid growth that resembles a very robust version of the popular peanut cactus (Lobivia chamaecereus) it forms soon tangled mounds of long stem. 
Stems: spreading, arching, pendant, or trailing that can grow up to 1m long and 2.5cm wide with many branches. 
Spines: It has many short bristly golden spines  that literally cover the surface of the stems.
Flowers: upturned tubular vivid orange to salmon-pink, 4 to 6 cm in length, 5 cm across and very showy. They are repetitively and freely          produced on mature plants in spring and summer and can last for several days.. 
Fruit: Green fruit 1 cm.

Cultural Practices: Hildewintera aureispina are of easy culture, which makes them good cacti for beginners. Require filtered bright light, but not in full sun that will sunscald it. It need a well drained soil mix. Water regularly in summer but allow to dry fully before watering again. During the winter months they should be rather kept dry. Since they are rapid growers need plenty of space for their roots, repotting should be done every other year or when the plant has outgrown its pot. 
This cactus is sensitive to mealy bugs that find a lot of hiding ground among the spines. Hardy to -2°C.

Propagation: From cuttings in spring (let them dry till the ends callous well. Then replant them in fresh cactus soil that is ever so slighty moist, and keep it that way till they root) or Seeds (Seed should be sown in a well-drained soil mix. Surface sowing is the best;          seeds germinate in 14-28 days at 20° C .

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