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 Cactuses exert a special fascination on every plant friend. Cacti representative of the succulent plants still have an exotic attraction. They convey a feeling that there is still a piece of nature outside of our lived culture and garden landscape. Cactuses are masters in the art of living within plants. Cactuses are xeriscape plants. They settle climatic bordering rooms of the new world, other plants are no longer accessible.

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 Astrophytum ornatum Common English NamesStar cactus , also known as Monk's Hood, ornamented bishop's cap

The Astrophytum ornatum is the largest and easiest to grow and also the fastest of the Astrophytums. Spherical when young to columnar when maturesome specimen develop nice twists with age. 
Ribs have characteristic cross bands of wooly scales. See the picture above. 
Adult plants exceed 1m in height to 25 cm in diameter. 

Buy  Astrophytum ornatum Ø6 cm for $6.95. New price $4.80


Opuntia basilaris Rooted pads

$ 5.00 USD New price $4.00

Out of stock

Common Name(s): Beavertail Cactus, San Rita Prickly pear cacus

The Beaver-tail Cactus is a smaller prickly pear cactus, and it will often start blooming when it has only two pads. Beware that the glochids (these little barbed bristles organized in clusters) can penetrate the skin.

Very good for landscaping as well as for windowsill


Opuntia brachyclada Rooted pads

$ 3.50 USD New offer $3.00

Out of stock

Opuntia brachyclada is a synonim of

Opuntia basilaris. It has green pads

It is a smaller prickly pear cactus, 

and it will often start blooming when it has

 only two pads. The plant can withstand 

temperature -15º C ( 5° F).Very good for landscaping as well as for windowsill   


Ferocactus rectispinus for sale

Description: this magnificent plant has some of the longest straightest spines of the Ferocacti. Central (S): 1, very long ( 9-25 cm long × 2.5-4 mm in cross section ). New spines are bright red

Uebelmannia pectinifera Ø8 cm grafted. New price $23.00 Out of stock

There is only one in the stock

Uebelmannia pectinifera  Ø3.5-4 cm $15.00, grafted. Grafted plants grow 4-6 times faster. Grafting is used also for species that are very sensitive to rot. Uebelmania pectinifera have highness sensitivity to fungus.

On the picture above is shown seedlings Toumeya papiracantha and Uebelmannia pectinifera on their own roots and from the same sowing as on the picture below that was grafted 3 months ago  

 Uebelmannia pectinifera grafted Ø3.5-4 cm

for sale $15.00 Out of stock

 It is one of the most beautiful cactus species having a dark green, firm, almost lizard-skin textured 'skin', nice angularity to it's overall spherical shape and linear arrays of not-too-vicious black spines down it's sides on a white fluffy background. It's a striking cactus and most people seem to notice it before all others in the garden.

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 MyCactusPlants.com San Diego, CA provides Rare and Exotic cactus plants, indoor cactus plants, desert cactus plants. If you interested where to buy a cactus, buy cactus here. Our cacti have a high quality. We inspect every cactus before realization.
To better choosing what cactus to buy, we supply cacti for sale with quality rare cactus plants photos.
Many cacti are ornamental for a variety of reasons: their spines, their overall shape and size, or their amazing flowers. But some cacti are simply amazing for the color of their skin. 

  Information about our business (1)

40 years experience in growing cacti from seeds. MyCactusPlants San Diego, CA provides Rare and Exotic cactus plants, indoor cactus plants, desert cactus plants. Cacti for landscaping. If you interested where to buy a cactus, buy cactus here. Our cacti have a high quality. We inspect every cactus before realization. 
Now we have unusual cactus forms: cristata, monstrous forms. 
The other type of unique cactus forms are bright colored mutants grafted on stable stocks. Some people think that they are flowers. Grafted on stable stocks the bright colored mutants while growing become more beautiful and beautiful and you will enjoy many years. The nurseries grafted bright colored mutants on temporary stocks. You will have them for one to two years. 

We have different types of cactus plants, high quality indoor, desert cactus plants . We inspect every cactus before shipping. I GUARANTEE 100% refund 

 Buy  Astrophytum myriostigma Ø5 cm for $6.00. New price $3.80 Out of stock

common names: Bishop's Cap Cactus, Bishop's Hat or Bishop's Miter Cactus) is a species of cactus native to the highlands of northeastern and central Mexico.  These seedlings are now blooming


Austrocylindropuntia vestita

$ 3.00 USD

Out of stock

Shrubby cactus; stems not segmented, up to 20 inches long, 1.2 inches

in diameter (3 cm); persistent leaves, up to 1.2 inches long (3 cm);

hairy areoles with thin long white hairs. Beautiful bright red flowers


 Turbinicarpus viereckii is a rarity 3 years old seedlings  Ø4 cm The regular price is $6.50. new price for $4.50.

These seedling is now blooming


It grows to 25 cm (10 in) tall by 50 cm (20 in) broad. The solitary spherical stems, 12 cm in diameter, are covered in white down and white spines. Reddish purple flowers are borne in spring and summer, sometimes forming a complete ring around the apex of the plant.[1]

 Mammillaria hahniana-

The Old Lady Cactus is a good starter for a budding cactus collection.                            Buy Cacti for Sale Cactus for Sale, Best Prices Buy exotic and Rare cactus plants for sale.

Mammillaria hahniana 3 year seedlings 

Out of stock

 Opuntia ellisiana not rooted pads 

 It is a very fast growing plan. It is good for landscaping or for making fences. People use it also for food. The pad is rooted very easily.

Price $1.50

 Ferocactus rectispinus Ø8 cm   Rare Cactus Sale. Long Spined Barrel Cactus for sale for $10 New price $9.30 Out of stock

Uebelmannia pectinifera

Origin: Brazil (mountain of Minas Gerais).
It is only known from one location, north east of Diamantina, mountain of Minas Gerais, in Brazil.

Etymology: The species pectinifera comes from the Latin for "bearing combs".
Recommended Temperature Zone: USDA: 10b-12

This plant is 12 cm in diameter after 6 months after grafting. It even begins to flower. For not grafted plants it takes 4-5 years. Grafted plants are using by cactus collectors to increase the grows and prevent rot of roots, they use stable stocks.                                    

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