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This is my cactus collection on the windowsill in Russia in the eighties of 20 century.

This windowsill was made out of the window, so the cacti can get more sunlight.

For extension the windowsill inside the room you can make it like aquarium. In this case the right and left frames should have the form of rectangle. All frames cover with glass or plastic sheets. But you need to use luminescent lights. Choose lamps with aluminum reflector.

I can recommend Company SalvioLitghting the links below:

http://www.slimfluorescent.com/?gclid=CN-X-t6Crr0CFeJF7AodYW4AmQ amd


When you choose lamps pay attention on the Color Temperature. Choose Day Light ( 6400K)

Length of lamps choose the wide of your window.

Before placing your cacti, plug on all cracks in window to prevent cold getting on the cacti. In the Winter you do not should water your cacti in the period from November to February. Only light spray of water is allowed.

Carry cacti in the Winter at 40 º F to 55 º F (5 º C to 8 º C).

In conclusion I would like to give you some advises.

  1. Soil for cacti should be penetrable.

  2. Before putting soil in the pot, make a drainage from small gravel.

  3. I wish you luck in your hobby

Mikhail Gladshteyn


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 Many people are interesting how to grow cacti on Windowsill. You find how to create a bigger place on Windowsill. It could be inside the room or outside. You can also buy rare cactus here.

Usually, windowsill has a small place for cactus fan.

First year when you obtain one or two cacti, you found that there are more beautiful cacti. Some of them you buy. After two or more years you found that there are not place where to place your new cacti.

You understand that you need to extend your windowsill.

For my collection I created expanded windowsill where I collected about 250 species of cacti.

For cacti it does not matter how far your cacti are from their habitat, but it is very important how far they are from the window.

First of all you need to choose window where you like to grow your beautiful cacti. Better window should be directed to South-west or South.

Growing and propagating cacti is relatively easy to do and can be quite rewarding.

Cactus seedlings need the same things needed by all other seedlings.

All cactus species can be unified in several groups in dependence of the place where they from, where their habitat. It gives us information how to treat our cacti in dependence of their habitat. Below are the groups of cacti. They grow in different areas with different climates. So they need different care. There are the following groups of cacti:

  1. Rain Forest Cacti,

  2. Desert Cacti,

  3. Mountain Cacti, and

  4. Savanna cacti.

In this article I will not describe all the groups of cacti. The treatment of Dessert Cacti and Savanna Cacti are almost similar. They need the the same soil. The same lighting and the same rules of watering. You need choose the window directed to West or South.

If you are the serous cactus collector, you need to think about how to extend your windowsill.

It is two ways. For cacti it is better to extend the window sill out of the room. In this way the cacti get enough sun light, you will not need the artificial light. To do this you need to ask permission by owner or administration of your community. If you do not get permission, you can build your windowsill extension inside the room.. Below you can see the drownings I used for outer windowsill.


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